Upgraded Camo Inflatable Sleeping Pad Camping Mat With Pillow air mattress Cushion Sleeping Bag air sofas inflatable sofa

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Upgraded Camo Inflatable Sleeping Pad Camping Mat With Pillow air mattress Cushion Sleeping Bag air sofas inflatable sofa




Size(After inflation):190*60*5 CM

Colors:Green/Blue/Orange/Sky Bule/Green Camouflage/Grey Camouflage

Net weight: 0.5kg(Solid color)/0.6kg(Patterned)

Material: 20D nylon + TPU + patent gas nozzle (PGN)

Advantages: Quickly inflate & deflate/ Comfortable/ Moisture-proof/Skin-friendly


Special features:


*1.Quick inflation/deflation

Inflation: Open the first valve and blow 5-10 times.

Deflate: Open the second valve and deflate in one second.


*2.Scientific size

Expanded inflated size:190*60*5cm,Larger size satisfies most people's sleeping positions on their backs, sides, and prone.

Storage size:10*10*26cm,The size is small and easy to carry,can be easily put in a backpack.

[Note] If you fold it tighter when storing, the size will be smaller. The width and height of storage will vary due to different folding methods


*3.Light weight

Pure color(Green/Blue/Orange):500g

Patterned(Sky Bule/Green Camouflage/Grey Camouflage):600g


*4.Moisture-proof & skin-friendly

Waterproof material keeps you warm and dry.

Made of high-quality 20D nylon, air tightness is better than polyester, more skin-friendly and comfortable.


*5.Humanized process design

Convex design:Ergonomically designed to protect you from direct contact with the ground

Built-in pillow:When you buy the cushion, you also get the pillow. The one-piece design can prevent the pillow from falling off, which is convenient and practical.


*6.Ultra high carrying capacity

There is no problem with the weight of 200kg.


*7.Free patch

We give away a free patch. If the sleeping pad accidentally touches a sharp object and leaks, you can use it to fix it.

Location: The patch is located inside the storage bag, near the drawstring.

Precautions when using


1.Avoid direct contact with sharp objects

2.Keep away from open flames

3.Avoid over-inflation

4.Please avoid violent stepping after inflation

5.If you find a leak, please patch it in time

6.Use on water may affect the life of the sleeping pad, so be careful when using it on water





Dampproof Mat Type: Mattress
Outdoor Activity: Camp
Model Number: camping pad
By Inflating Mode: External Inflator Pump
Material: TPU Nylon
Material: Waterproof Foam
Inflation method:: External Inflator Pump
Material:: 20D nylon + TPU + PGN
Size:: 190*60*5 CM
water proof:: yes
The number of applicable:: Single
Net Weight:: 0.5kg/0.6kg
Color:: Green/Blue/Orange/Sky Bule/Green Camouflage/Grey Camouflage
Number of valves:: 1
Features:: Waterproof/portable/fast inflation & deflation

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