Open Source Glove /Wearable Mechanical Somatosensory Control Of Exoskeleton

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Open Source Glove /Wearable Mechanical Somatosensory Control Of Exoskeleton


1.Description :

1). open source mechanical glove based on Arduino; Single chip model:ATmega328P

2). open schematic and source code;
3) the built-in Bluetooth module 4.0 and the acceleration sensor;
4) provide  control routines, which can control the product of the robot arm, the bionic robot, the car and so on.

2.Size chart:(MM)


3.Package list:



1)Not include the battery and battery line. Recommended to use 7.4V, 1000mah, 20C li-battery.

   Battery size:55*31*15mm. (Most countries can send batteries if you use the Aliexpress standard express,then I will send it together to you.)


 2).Use this glove to control your robot, need ensure that the Bluetooth module of your robot is HC-08  based on the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. 

if need matched controller with bluetooth pls go below link:


if need matched hand pls go below link:


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