New Design! USB Charging Portable Wood Buring Camp Stove Outdoor Folding Backpacking Stove With Battery to Power

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New Design! USB Charging Portable Wood Buring Camp Stove Outdoor Folding Backpacking Stove With Battery to Power


Special features:


1,Ultra-compact lightweight foldable pocket wood stove not only helps you cook, boil water, keep warm during any outdoors adventure, but also can magically turns fire into electricity to charge your phone and other USB devices for emergency.


2,Durable stainless steel construction, beautiful design, Powerful, High-efficiency, emergency power generation,environmentally friendly, lightweight to carry and easy to use.

Best choice for any outdoorfans to get rid of other bulky camping stoves.




 1,Ultra-compact & Foldable

 2,Thermal electric generator & Powerbank

 3,Double Jets & High efficiency & smokeless

 4,Quick disassemble design(No tool needed)

 5,Rotatable pot stand, cookware adapted

 6,High quality 304 stainless steel furnace body, reliable and durable long life

 7,Touch switch, intelligent control, three-speed wind

 8,Extreme Survival mode design, it can also berestored through combustion even

     there is no electricity power at all.

 9,Super Long standby for more than 24 months

10,Super Firepower, about 4 minutes to boil 1L water.

11,Multiple-functions: Cooking, Grilling, Boiling. It can be used with alcohol stove and Solid fuel.

12,Use of biomass fuel such as twigs, no need to carry fuel to reduce the burden. Safer, more     

       environmentally friendly.

13,Easy to use, only three steps to setup.


How our Portable Camping Stove works?

The idea of this cample stoveis pretty simple: Usingtwigs, pine cones, or other biomass fuel to build a fire. With fire, the thermoelectric generators inside the camping stove can turn heat into electricity! Then use a portion of the electricity to power fans , pumping in more fresh air to help the fire burn cleaner and hotter, while most of the electricity to charge phone or stored in a built-in lithium-ion battery of camping stove.


Our camping stove is also a thermal electric generator, triples as a power bank

Our camping stove come equipped with 2500mah rechargeable Lithiumbattery. It can work as aPowerbankto charge your phone even without a live fire. Then it can use the thermal energy to re-charge itself.

Using an integrated USB port, you can power your USB devices, such as a a phone, USB LED lightetc.

Easy to operate

so easy to set up, simply just unfold the pot stand, pull out the blue control module, and lock in place, then it is ready.

Touch switch & Smart Control:

You can control stove with just a touch of your finger. stove offers three different wind speeds for different uses: Grilling, Boiling, Turbo. LED lights on the dashboard shows how much electricity remains and current wind speed.

1, Long touch will turn on or turn off the fans, short touch can switch the wind speed, if

there is no burning, the fans will be automatically closed after two minutes.

2, If the fans are switched off by mistake, the fans will be automatically restarted until the end

of combustion.

3, If the control module not fully pulled out in the course of use, all lights will quickly flashing

to alarm, fans to maintain maximum wind speed to ensure system safety.

Powerful & High-efficiency

Please don't be misled by the size of the stove. With the help of computer simulation technology and fluid mechanics principle, after several iterations and optimization design. Stove has an extremely high combustion efficiency with a 99% reduction in smoke generation. At the same time, the twin jets give Stove an amazing amount of firepower, allowing it to boil up to 1 liter of water in about 4 minutes.


With Ignition Device or Not: Not Included
Certification: CE
Disposable: No
Model: Flame 01
Fuel: No Fuel
Piece Number Of Wind Deflector: <5
Applicable Seasoning Type: Solid Seasoning
Material: Titanium Metal
Structure: One-Piece
Type: Other Stove
Number of Users: 3-5
Application Method: Manual
Usage Condition: Normal Outdoor
Certificering: CE
Piece Number Of Wind Deflector: <5
Materiaal: Metaal
Type: Wind Shield
Net weight: about 0.91kg
Toepassingsmethode: manual
Usage Condition: Normal Outdoor
Structuur: One-piece
Capaciteit: 3-5
With Ignition Device or Not: Not Included
Wegwerpbaar: Nee
Applicable Seasoning Type: Solid Seasoning
Structuur: One-piece
Packing List: 1 * mini heater ,1 * instruction
Product size(approx): base diameter 18.5cm/7.28in * height 21.5cm/8.46in

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