6pcs Dry Waterproof Bag Dry Bag Sack Waterproof Floating Dry Gear Bags For Boating Fishing Rafting Swimming Accessories

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Material: 190T polyester taffeta
Product color: camouflage, black, blue, camouflage with dead leaves, snow camouflage, orange
Weight: 0.19kg
Packaging: 6pcs
1.5L size: length 20cm width 19.5cm
2.5L size: 29cm in length and 22.5cm in width
3L size: 30cm in length and 24cm in width
3.5L size: 36cm in length and 24cm in width
5L size: 37cm in length and 25cm in width
8L size: length 38.5cm width 30cm
1. Waterproof and tear-resistant fabric, waterproof ≥3000mm
2. Silicone oil post-treatment on the surface of the fabric, water-repellent durability is improved than traditional water-repellent treatment methods
3, the roll mouth is convenient and quick to use, and the storage is easy
4. Water-proof glue treatment to prevent water from seeping into the line
5, durable plastic fasteners, not easy to break

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