6DOF Bionic Robot Hand Kit/ 5 Fingers Independent Movement/DIY Mechanical Glove Control

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6DOF Bionic Robot  Hand Kit/ 5 Fingers Independent Movement/DIY Mechanical Glove Control


1.Description :

uHand2.0 is an open source robotic palm compatible with Arduino programming and STM32 development.

Five fingers are driven by five anti-blocking servo LFD-01
The base is driven by a 180° LD-1501 digital servo
Support handle control, graphical upper computer, editing action group is simple and fast
Provide source code, control board schematics etc.




2.Size chart:(MM)


3.Package list:(no battery,the controller and base need to be installed by yourself)

.1Set x Acrylic bracket

.1 x STM32 Control Board
.1 x Power Adapter
.5 x LFD-01 Anti-blockingServo
.1 x Handle and Receiver
.1 x LD-1501MG Servo (for Base)
.1 x Palm Cover Sheet Metal

.1 x bluetooth moudle

.1 xMechanical glove

.Several Winding Tubes



1).Beware of steering gear locked-rotor.The micro servo working voltage 6-8V.

2).The servo black,red, white lines correspond to negative, positive, and signal lines respectively.

3).Glove have no battery,please prepare 7.4V li-battery by yourself.

Recommended to use 7.4V, 1000mah, 20C li-battery.Battery size:55*31*15mm.

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