5DOF Bionic Robot Claw/ Gripper/ Manipulator / Holder Accessories/DIY

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5DOF Bionic Robot  Claw/ Gripper/ Manipulator / Holder Accessories/DIY


1.Description :

1). It used  5 servos to drive, each finger can move flexible.

2).Mechanical hand focuses on the action demonstration, grab items below 300 grams.

3) .It's structure with occasional updates, may have small differences with picture, kind prevail.

4).Sheet material: Black Acrylic


2.Size chart:(MM)



1).Beware of steering gear locked-rotor.The micro servo working voltage 5-6V,if you use 7.4V battery must buck power supply.

2).The servo brown ,red, orange lines correspond to negative, positive, and signal lines respectively, and the control protocol is 0.5ms-2.5ms corresponding to the steering gear 0 degrees to 180 degrees.

3).Have braket and servos,not include servo controller and battery,pls prepare by yourself.

below controller for reference:


4).Installation requires some patience and hands-on ability.After receiving the goods, please check the material and then do the installation.Please leave your email or ask on-line for the installation  instruction.

5).The price of all the products of our shop is without tax price by default.If the destination country needs to pay taxes, please cooperate actively to fulfill the duty of paying taxes and customs clearance. Thank you.

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