2pcs 9g Digital Micro Servo

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2pcs 9g Digital Micro Servo


9g micro servo 



6.0V/1.8KG/CM  0.15S/Deg

4.8V/1.5KG/CM  0.18S/Deg

Cable length: signal line (yellow ) ,power line (red), ground line (dark red)

Control protocol:0.5 ms - 2.5 ms for steering gear 0 degrees to 180 degrees

Woking Voltage:5V-6V

The key gear material is iron, and the other gears's material is plastic.


2.Size diagram:


3.Package list:

- 2 * servo



1).Beware of steering gear locked-rotor.

2).The price of all the products of our shop is without tax price by default.

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