2022 New! Exoskeleton Robot Suit Lower Limb Walking Aid heavy loading Assistant Medical Rehabilitation

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2022 New! Exoskeleton Robot Suit Lower Limb Walking Aid heavy loading Assistant Medical Rehabilitation



Intelligent Exoskeleton robots are precision-manufactured products that integrate the most cutting-edge electronics, machinery, and artificial intelligence technologies. The motor drives the movement of the affected limb to complete a variety of complex instructions, including: stand up, walk, go upstairs, go downstairs, sit down, etc.

Scope of application: lower limb motor dysfunction

1. Nervous system damage leads to: paraplegia and hemiplegia rehabilitation.

2. Various orthopedic traumas lead to: fractures, bone cracks, joint dislocations after surgery to promote healing and increase joint mobility.

3. Various orthopedic diseases lead to: insufficient blood circulation, lower nerve function, lower bone density, and improve the sports environment.

4. Various chronic diseases of the elderly lead to: insufficient blood circulation in the lower limbs and decreased motor function.

The role of products in rehabilitation:

1. Assist patients with passive limb movement and promote the recovery of walking ability
, 2. Recovery of standing weight-bearing capacity
3. Promote body sensation/ muscle strength recovery
4. Reduce muscle tone
5. Prevent joint contractures
6. Prevent pressure sores and promote blood circulation
7. Shorten recovery time

Special Features:

1. Multiple control modes

Sit up, stand, walk, go up and down stairs

2. Easy to wear, personalized size adaptation

Can be worn independently in 2 minutes, suitable for people of different heights

3. Multi-sensor information fusion

Intelligent human-computer interaction, multi-modal human intention recognition, complex environment perception and decision-making

4. Security

Operation prompt sound, power detection and alarm, torque overload protection

5. Anthropomorphic gait curve

Adaptive and dynamic adjustment to the environment





Carton Size: 50*50*40cm

Feature: Lower extremity exoskeleton

Advantage: lightweight, passive, intelligent lower limb support

After-sales Service: one-year free warranty and spare parts replacement

Net weight: 20KG

Applicable height: 1500mm-1900mm

Extension of the waist: 0mm-107mm

Leg extension range: Thigh 0-85mm Lower leg 0-20mm

Adjustable power assistance Range of motion: 0-4Nm

Maximum climbing angle: Unlimited

Stair size: Width ≥ 22 cm Height ≤ 20 cm

Work Environment: Indoor + outdoor (non-harsh outdoor environment) 


Certification: CE, ISO13485
Item Type: Braces & Supports 
Model Number: CHP-FDREXN11
Instrument classification: Class II
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sale Service: Return and Replacement
Product name: Exoskeleton Robot Suit

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