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Nowadays, having some defense in your home generates a sense of peace of mind and security. It is not enough to have a safe and quiet neighborhood when crime attacks you; there is no time or place. If you’re searching for a gun for your house that you won’t be taking outside, I recommend a shotgun. It doesn’t matter if it’s 12, 20, or even. In this guide, I will discuss the best gun for home defense. 

No pistol, shot for shot, can equal the power of a shotgun – as long as the ammunition is buckshot. Shotguns are also reasonably affordable. You can get a Maverick 88 for less than $250 and a Remington 870 for less than $400 if you shop around. Used shotguns may be found for approximately $200 or less in some circumstances. 

Do you own a sporting shotgun? Many of them have interchangeable barrels. In a couple of minutes, you can convert your hunting rifle into a defensive shotgun for under $100.

With this scenario in mind, we must consider which the best weapon for home defense is. There is an innumerable variety of options in the market, which we will show throughout this article. However, we must consider different aspects, which will help us to understand and make the right decision:

Best Gun for Home Defense: Basic Information’s

Assuming the responsibility of arming yourself to offer protection to your home, subject to the possible events that may occur, is a valid option.  In times of pandemic, we find certain social desperation, which invites us to prevent. Thus, opting for the best weapon for local defense is the priority.

It must be considered that acquiring firearms requires compliance with specific requirements, depending on the region’s location. For this reason, it is essential to gather this information before purchasing your firearm. Receiving firearms handling training is essential in the case of inexperienced people. A safe way of handling this type of firearm is the primary security measure that must exist. 

Avoiding accidents due to improper use; is the premise that we must consider, and some mistakes can be avoided. In this way, having a firearm will become a tool that scares criminals and not your family.

Weapons are used for home protection today.

Next; we will name the common ones considered necessary in your home by experts:

Best Gun for Home Defense

Defense Shotguns

best gun for home defense

According to experts, the 12 gauge is the best weapon for home defense. Very reliable and effective at close range; it uses buckshot or slug loads. Its ammunition is very affordable, which allows for practice in a row; for proper handling. Popular in the market are the Mossberg 500/590 and the Remington 870, with excellent handling.

9 MM Pistol

9 MM Pistol

These are very practical for size and performance, a classic with several firing rounds. Semiautomatic pistols; economical at the time of training, their ammunition is accessible. 

There is an excellent variety of models, such as Glock, Beretta, HK, Ruger, and quality pistols that fulfill the function. 

They are simple in execution and control. They consistently execute their shots; very unlikely to jam with an incredible variety; of accessories and cheap spare parts compared to other guns.

Semiautomatic Rifle

Semiautomatic Rifle

When evaluating a murky scenario towards your home, always consider several criminals. Based on this scenario, it is advisable to use a caliber weapon that provides a more extended range, larger magazine capacities, and velocity.

The most common market is the AR-15, AK-47, Ruger Mini 14, and IWI Tavor. They have a high cost compared to other firearms, but they instill terror in criminals and unwanted persons.



It is a classic despite its disadvantages, range, and loss of time in reloading. They are always an option. Their mere presence is frightening. With their various double-action calibers and 4-inch barrel, they show the damage they can cause. It is a matter of taste; many prefer them to automatics. It all depends on how much practice you have with them. Revolvers are accessible and manageable, with all the accessories available in the market at affordable prices, among others, with great variety, stand out the Ruger Gp100, Smith & Wesson 686, with 6-shot rounds. All of them use .357 magnum rounds, which ensure to generate large holes and shudder; at the moment of firing.

Shotgun Pistol

Shotgun Pistol

These are affordable and practical combination, the size of a pistol with a shotgun caliber, very tempting. Economical and handy; by any member of the family, with good practice, it is effective. With .45 Long Colt hollow points and caliber. Four hundred ten the standard options on the market, Taurus and Smith & Wesson brands.

 One of the popularly used models is the Governor and Judge; it captures the manageability and security sought in the users. Their pellets leave a big bang and marks on offenders.

Pistol with extra rounds

Pistol with extra rounds

They are those common. They were very used with amplitude in their rounds, of up to 12 of greater capacity of the loader. The popular and recommended is; HK USP 45, single or double action. 

With excellent safety and manageability, they provide fear to the attacker for the damage it can cause.  Expensive if we compare it with the rest and type of pistol, the value-added with property for the advantages it offers.

Domestic Pistols for Beginners

Domestic Pistols for Beginners

For every homeowner in charge of a home, safety is among the top priorities. Thus, we find many people with no knowledge or skills acquired in handling firearms and motivated to have professions that have no relation with their implementation and even less what weapon of choice to opt for.

For this reason, we will recommend 9 mm pistols; easy to handle and quick to learn; that fulfill the purposes stated in defense weapons.

Glock 19; its popularity precedes it as a defense firearm, becoming the most sold in the United States, with 9 mm caliber.

Due to its size, it is easy to handle and can be carried anywhere without causing a commotion and easy to hide in strategic places in the home. Its effectiveness is unbeatable. With a capacity of 15 rounds, it offers the opportunity to apply consecutive bursts.

Smith & Wesson M & P9 M2.0; considered among the best 9mm pistols today. The P9 M2.0 is excellent grip and an aggressive texture, providing a lot of safety and efficiency when shooting. 

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson

Springfield XD Mod 2; with a full grip model and a large barrel, they make it a very efficient weapon. Its hammer is lightly triggered, and the possibility of full-grip offers a necessary safety—a very safe and reliable self-defense weapon.

Sig Sauer P320; mighty with an easy and safe grip is an excellent option to start in the world of guns.  Excellent sight, barrel, and rear sight is very compact according to self-defense experts and trade magazine capacity. A shotgun could be an excellent pick.

The shotgun itself claims to be part of the legendary defense guns, and while it is formidable, it is flawed. This is something that every shooter, regardless of skill level, should be aware of. To begin with, a shotgun is not a magic wand that can kill evil simply by pointing it in the direction of the villain.

Shotguns loaded with defensive loads like buckshot cover a small area at 7 to 10 yards, just a few inches with a short barrel and better cylinder choke. This isn’t the kind of wall-covering shot pattern you’d see in a regular Hollywood movie.

No, it isn’t going to send someone soaring into the air. A personal defense shotgun should have a short barrel of no more than 20 inches in terms of details. Setting up a more extended shipper is also a good idea. Pump shotguns are the most popular. 

However, there are also good semi-autos available these days. Even a side-by-side coach gun is nothing to scoff at if you don’t mind the constraints.



If you believe they’re easier to fire than a shotgun, guess again. They are, and they aren’t. Sure, a 9mm or even a.45 ACP pistol doesn’t have the shoulder-thwacking recoil of a shotgun. 

However, it has a smaller sight radius, which necessitates much practice to shoot correctly. With any firearm, preparation is critical. When it comes to personal protection in the house, the pistol outperforms the shotgun when it comes to movement. With a handgun, moving in an enclosed place like a corridor is more straightforward than with a shotgun, which has a longer barrel and is more extensive. Remember that a long barrel could quickly end up being taken by a bad guy if you’re unfortunate.

Best Gun for Home Defense: FAQs

Is a shotgun or pistol better for home defense?

Handguns are, of course, excellent for personal defense if you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn how to use them properly. You should continue to train with your shotgun with pattern loads at various ranges ranging from close to at least 15 yards. But, in the end, it’s the more straightforward and, in most cases, the superior option.

Why is the right pistol for home defense?

It isn’t easy to select, but these are the ones we have to go with:

  • Glock 19 is a pistol by Glock. This one is the apex brand for dependability and simplicity of use when it comes to guns.
  • Glock 43 is a pistol made by Glock.
  • P320 Sig Sauer.
  • P365 by Sig Sauer.
  • M&P Smith and Wesson.

Is a .22 good for home defense?

The 22 bullet does not induce CNS disturbance or significant blood loss, and it does not render an attacker physically incapacitated. While a.22 isn’t ideal for self-defense, it’s better than having no pistol at all.

What handgun Do Navy SEALs use?

The Sig Sauer P226 is Semi-auto pistols that are one of the most dependable on the market. Since the early 1980s, it famously used by the U.S. Navy SEALs. The 9mm pistol is small and lightweight, making it the ideal carry weapon for any SEAL.

Why are shotguns bad for home defense?

When it comes to picking a shotgun as a home defense weapon, recoil is a crucial factor to consider. Excessive recoil can degrade performance in both training and defensive scenarios, and as many of us have discovered one way or another, shotguns can create many types of recoil.

What shot size for home defense?

The best overall choice for home defense, according to most experts, is reduced power 00 buck bullets in 12 gauges. Cartridges – Cartridges consist of large shells filled with a shotgun. They have the benefit of having a lot of stopping power.

Is 00 buckshot good home defenses?

00 buckshot is used exclusively in some of the most significant tactical loads. This type is quite popular, and it’s excellent home defense and tactical load. 00 Buckshot offers a solid balance of power, load customization, and recoil control. It’s equally at home in a deer rifle and a tactical shotgun.

Will a .22 stop an attacker?

22 do not penetrate very far and does not create a large hole. This eliminates the risk of blood loss. The 22 bullet will not physically incapacitate an adversary unless it causes CNS disturbance or substantial blood loss.

How to make the best choice of caliber for home defense?

The 9mm cartridge is the most common caliber for a home defense pistol. This means that your gun will be able to pass through walls and potentially hurt your loved ones in the situation of a house invasion. Several experts also suggest hollow point ammunition because of its power and that it is a little safer to use in a home protection context.

Bottom Line

At this point, we offer all the information necessary to choose the best weapon for home defense. In this way, we show you the diversity of weapons with which a domestic household usually defends it. 

However, you should consider proper training for the handling of these weapons. There are groups and shooting ranges dedicated to correctly handling the chosen weapon in the different regions. 

In this way, you will be trained for the correct and efficient use of the weapon at the moment of an inconvenience. Remember that you must comply with a certain number of requirements to obtain a firearm legally. Having firearms in the home generates peace of mind for the homeowner for having defense options.  But it also generates some uneasiness to the household members, and it is advisable to keep them in inconspicuous places. 

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