UTA 2Pcs NIJ IIIA Ultralightweight Body Armor Tactical Shooting Protector Ballistic Plate Plate Carrier

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UTA 2Pcs NIJ IIIA PE Strike Face Universal Armor Tactical Shooting Protector Ballistic Plate for Plate Carrier

Special Features:

.Single Piece Weight: 0.5kg; Single Piece Thickness: 8mm; Protection Area: 0.075㎡ (250mm x 300mm)
.Executive Standards: Passed the inspection of the Special Police Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Weapons, and all requirements meet the five-level requirements in "GA141-2010" and "Police Body Armor"
.Introduction: The reinforced protective insert is made of high-performance polyethylene fiber reinforced composite material, 90 layers of PE (10mm) + 6mm silicon carbide
.The production process is mature and reliable, and can be designed according to the protection level and shape required by customers
.Widely used in armored vehicles, bulletproof vehicles, light tanks, bulletproof speedboats, assault boats and helicopters
.The bulletproof chest insert made of special processing technology has good stability and consistency, high strength, light weight, anti-burst, small dent, strong bulletproof ability, can withstand multiple blows, and no secondary damage by ricochet people
.Bulletproof Level and Shooting Distance: 1977 style 7.62mm blaster/1964 style 7.62mm blaster, 15m; 1954 style 7.62mm blaster/1951 style 7.62mm blaster, 15m; 1979 style 7.62mm light blaster/1951 style 7.62mm blaster, 15m
.Shelf Life: 5 years


.Color: MC
.Material: PE + Silicon Carbide
.Product Weight: 1000g
.Package Dimensions: 25 x 30 x 5cm
.Package Weight: 1200g
.Packing: PE Bag

Package Content:

.2 x Plates

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