Unique with Silencer Camping Gasoline Stove Non Preheating Oil Stove Burners Outdoor Cookware

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Unique with Silencer Camping Gasoline Stove Non Preheating Oil Stove Burners  Outdoor Cookware


Gasoline Stove Advantages:
1.SAFE: The vavle system is installed with a movable needle, no need to turn off the fire if congestion problem occurs.
2.MUTE: With silencer, you will hear like nothing when operating.
3.CONVENIENT: Pump works normally even under - 20 degrees c(-4℉); Easy to put and store in a hand bag.
4.EFFICIENT & POWERFUL: It takes only 4.5 minutes to boil 1 L water in good weather condition and 7 minutes when it is windy.
5.Capacity: 500ml oil bottle, burning lasts 3 hours with max fire and 8 hours with low heat 
6.Max: burden capacity of the stove body: 30kg 
7.VERSATILE: Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Travel and Backpacking to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner on the single-burner
Note: when you burned don't leave the key on the stove - it gets hot.
Gasoline Stove Features:
1.Ignition Method: lighter, match.
2.material: stainless steel, copper
3.Size:Bottom Diameter :13.5cm(5.32"), Height: 14.5cm(5.71"), Top Bracket : 12.5cm(4.92")
4.Color box size:14*14*6cm(5.51"x5.51"x2.36")
5.Net weight : 810g (1.78lb)
6.Fuel: White Gasoline
8.Gasoline power:2117kw    
9.Item included: Gasoline stove, maintenance tools, hand bag and fuel hopper 
Specially designed pack assure you to get the perfect product when receiving.

How to use :

1. Add petrol to stove oil tank , then use pump for 20-30 times .

2. Open the valve for 1-2 seconds and close it. we can see a little bit of oil coming out .

3. We ignite the oil and wait for the nozzle to warm up.

A blue flame indicates that the burner is on mode and we open the valve prepare food.

After use, release the pressure with the pump, open the pump and wait for the characteristic hiss until all the air comes out.

After complete cooling , check that the valve is closed .



With Ignition Device or Not: Not Included
Disposable: No
Fuel: White Gasoline
Piece Number Of Wind Deflector: No wind shield
Applicable Seasoning Type: no
Material: Stainless steel
Structure: One-Piece
Type: Oil-burning Boiler
Number of Users: 3-5
Application Method: Manual
Usage Condition: Normal Outdoor
Lgnition Method: lighter, match
Material: stainless steel, copper
Size: 13.5cm*14.5cm*12.5cm
Color box size: 14cm*14cm*6cm
Net weight: 810G
Fuel: gasoline
capacity: 500ml
Gasoline power: 2117kw
Unit parts: Gasoline stove , maintenance tools , hand bag , fuel hopper
Using condition: Outdoors, courtyard

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