RS-510MG VHF Marine Transceiver IPX7 Waterproof Mobile Radio Class A DSC Walkie Talkie GPS

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RS-510MG VHF Marine Transceiver IPX7 Waterproof Mobile Radio Class A DSC Walkie Talkie GPS


Main Function

Waypoint Recording Function, Navigate to the Corresponding Waypoint and Display the Diatance

Electronic Compass Function 

Manually Input GPS Latitude and Logitude and Time 

Standard NMEA Interface (RS-422 Protocal) 

Channel Number Display Digits Selectable: 3 Digits(01B)/4 Digits(2001)

Support Lastest Marine Channel Standards and DSC Protocol Standards 

FM Radio Function (76MHz-108MHz)

Distress Call Forwarding Function 

ATIS Function 

Speaker Vibration Draining Function 

Weather Channel Alarm

Dual/Tri-watch Functions

Scan: Normal Scan and Priority Scan



● Support GPS, BD, SBAS Satellite-based Augmentation System, Compatiable with lnternal and External and GNSS Antenna ( For RS-510MG)

● DSC Call Reception and Transmission Records Can be Queried

● Full Dot Matrix Display



MMSI Code Programming ATIS ID Programming Distress Call Individual Call Group Call All Ships Call Position Request Call/Polling Request Call Test Call Medical Transport Call Ships and Aircraft Call DSC Log Multiple-task Mode


General Specificatin

Frequency: TX: 156.000-162.000MHz, RX: 156.000-163.425MHz

RF Power: 25W/1W

Modulation Mode: 16K0G3E(FM), 16K0G2B(DSC)

Frequency Stability: ±10PPM

Operating Voltage: DC13.8V (±15%)

Channel Spacing: 25kHz

Operating Temperature: -20℃~+60℃

Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

Output Impedance (Audio): 4Ω

Dimensions(W×H×D ): 208×98×115mm

Weight: 1050g


Package Contain

1*Hand Microphone 1*Mounting Bracket 1*Mounting Screw Package 1*DC Power Cable 1*GPS Data Cable



1.Never use the distress call when your ship or personnel is not in an emergency.

2.Do not install the transceiver in hot, humid ang dusty areas. 3

.The working voltage for the transceiver is 13.8V DC. If the power supply is 24V DC,please use a power converter (24V convert13.8V ), or the transceiver won't work.

4.Never directly connect to 220V AC power supply, thia will ruin the transceiver. If an abnormal odor or smoke is detected coming from the transceiver, turn off teh power immediately.

5. Do not transmit before connecting the antenna, it will ruin the transceiver.

6.After long time u8se, the heating panel becomes hot, this is normal state.


Waterproof / Water-Resistant: IP67
Walkie Talkie Type: Car
Maximum Range: 5km-10km
Output Power(w): 10w-25w
Certification: CE
Model Number: RS-510MG
Frequency Range: TX 156.000-162.000MHz
Dimensions: 208*92*115mm
Material: Plastic
Type: Vehicle Mouted
Power: 25W/1W
Modulation Mode: 16K0G3E(FM), 16K0G2B(DSC)
Net Weight: 1050g

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