Multifunctional Folding Shovel Kit Outdoor Camping Survival Tool Sets Multitool Gear and Equipment for Hiking

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Special Function:


1)Multi-function toolbox:Waterproof and dustproof, anti-compression and anti-drop.

2)The foldable shovel also can be used as the spade,hoe,saw,chisel and so on,meet your multiple purpose.

3)The shovel head is detachable to replace the axe or pickaxe,which can be used to hack,dig,chisel, spilt,fix, cut vegetation or rope, etc.

4)The flshlight have 3 modes:ordinary electric torch,camping light and warnig light(red light).It can be retracted to adjust the focus.

5)The attrack cone can easily break windows, defend yourself and escape.


Product Size:

1)Axe size:17.5cm(L)x8.5cm(W)
2)Pickaxe size:17.7cm(L)x4cm(W)
3)Shovel size:14cm(L)x19.5cm(W)
4)Toolbox size:33cm(L)x26cm(W)x13cm(H)
5)Connection rod length:17cm (connect the shovel head)
5)Extension rod length:20cm


Multifunctional axe*1(Optional)
Multifunctional pick*1(Optional)
USB charging cable*1
Attack cone*1
Multifunctional knife*1
Dinner knife*1
Luminous silicone ring*1
Connection Rod*1
Extension Rod(83cm-3 rods,101cm-4 rods)

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