Mini 7 Egg Incubator Poultry Incubator Brooder Digital Temperature Farm Hatchery Egg Incubator Chicken Duck Bird Pigeon Hatcher

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Mini 7 Egg Incubator Poultry Incubator Brooder Digital Temperature Control Egg Incubator Hatcher for Chicken Bird Egg

Special Features:

1. Intelligent control, transparent top cover, automatic temperature control.

2. For teaching, small and transparent fuselage can cultivate children's interest.

3. Artificial intelligence incubation system, transparent body, intelligent temperature control, ventilation, intelligent incubation, intelligent heating.

4. PCT heating, uniform heating, PTC mica heater and brushless fan integrated design, uniform heating, long life, low power consumption.

5. It is used in all kinds of manufacturing machinery, in addition, PTC technology can protect the circuit in unexpected situations.

1. One key hatching.
2. Precise control.
3. Super long time working.
4. Transparent cover.
5. Automatic temperature control.
6. Intelligent system.


Model: YZ917
Plug type: US, EU, AU
Intelligent system: intelligent PID
Temperature control range: 20℃~40℃
Voltage: AC220V/AC110V
Frequency: 50HZ
Power: 30W
Hatching number: 7pcs
Range of application: hatchery poultry, ducks and other birds, quail, parrot, dove and other birds.
Size: 175*175*160mm/6.88*6.88*6.29''

Warm Tips:

1. Eggs used for hatching are very important, such as deformation, rupture, and abnormal shape, and the selected eggs are clean, and the eggs used to hatch can not be cleaned.

2. The eggs hatched are fertilized eggs (Artificial eggs cannot ne hatched). How to judge whether or not to be a fertilized egg, look at the egg near to the light, and if there is an opaque object like a floc near the egg yolk, it is a fertilized egg, and no one is not.

3. The eggs that are hatched are required to be fresh. Chicken  and ducks should be within 7 days of birth and gooses eggs within 10 days of birth.  If the storage time is too long, the hatching success rate will be affected.


Please allow slight size differs due to manual measurement.

Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understand.


1 x Eggs Incubator Hatcher
1 x Power Adapter
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