1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum For Indoor Plants Seedling Veg Bloom Samsung LM281B+ Growing Lamps For Hydroponic Greenhouse

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1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum For Indoor Plants Seedling Veg Bloom Samsung LM281B+ Growing Lamps For Hydroponic Greenhouse


Special features:

UV and IR Included

Excellent full spectrum led grow light- white, blue, red, IR and UV (3000K, 5000K, 660nm, IR 760nm and UV 380nm). The light infinitely close to natural light and it provides desired need for plant growth in all stages from seeds to harvest. Most of other similar product on the market are not equipped with UV diodes. However, UV is very important to plants especially in VEG stage.


High Efficiency & Cost Saving

The LED Grow Lights adopts the latest high-quality LEDs technology-Samsung LM281B+ diodes, high energy efficiency with 2.5 umol/J, delivers powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to resulting maximum higher yields. Consuming only 100W, running 50% less power than the Blurple or HPS lamps or other LEDs to save the cost but getting higher yields. Samsung chips provide outstanding resistance to heat, humidity, which ensures 100,000 hours lifespan.


Customized Dimming Design

Newest dimmable led grow system. An added dimmer knob is featured to manipulate the light intensity at liberty, reducing light lost to aisles and walls, provides desired needs for plants in all stages from seeding to bloom and you do not need to adjust the distance between the plant and the light frequently.


No Noise & Less heat-output

The Led light board use thickened aluminum make it cooling down instead use fans, bring you a fanless quiet grow experience. The water-proof driver allows you to use the full spectrum plant lights in a moist grow tent/greenhouse, longer lifespan to speed up plant's grow processes and boost yields while saving you on your energy bill. Veg footprint is 3 x 3 ft, Flowering footprint is 2 x 2 ft at 14”.

3-years Worry-free Warranty

This LED grow light is lightweight and very easy to use with the upgraded hanging brackets. Easy to assemble in less than a minute. We offer 3 years warranty. If you have any problem, please contact us through AliExpress message. This LED grows light is a good choice for indoor planting/ Hydroponic /Greenhouse.

Specific information:

Model:Samsung LM281B+ QBT500 LED Grow Light

Luminous Efficiency:500W/1000W


Support multiple combine


Warm White Light(3000K)-60Pcs/White Light(5000K)-60Pcs

Red Light(660nm)-18Pcs/IR(760nm)-1Pcs/UV(380nm)-1Pcs


Warm White Light(3000K)-115Pcs/White Light(5000K)-93Pcs

Red Light(660nm)-25Pcs/IR(760nm)-1Pcs/UV(380nm)-1Pcs


Certification: CCC
Is Dimmable: Yes
Material: Aluminum
Body Material: Aluminum
Features: Samsung LM281B+ LED Grow Light
Voltage: 220V
Item Type: Grow Lights
Power Source: AC

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